The time to transition to Zero Emission Transport is Now

There are over 4.2 million casualties from air pollution every year

What kind of future do you want to create? By partnering with Nexport, you can accelerate Zero Emission Transport within your business, influence positive change, and make the world a healthier place to live.

Nexport understands the challenges that have traditionally faced organisations looking to undertake a Zero Emission Transition, and brings together a team of experts in order to deliver turn-key solutions.

It’s time to change to electric assets, alternate fuels, and behaviour, to achieve lower emissions.


  • Accelerate and execute the deployment of Zero Emission solutions to create a more livable environment for the citizens of tomorrow
  • Deliver economical, reliable and progressive solutions to the demand of a Zero Emission Eco System for all modes of transport in people and goods
  • Lead by example by improving the communities in which we live

Freight and Logistics Providers

  • Lower fleet operating and maintenance costs by transitioning to electric and alternate vehicles
  • Optimise operations by pairing the correct assets with your logistical requirements

Airports and Seaports

  • Next generation zero-emission appliances
  • Efficient alternatives to traditional tug and dolly systems
  • Refuelling solutions driving increased safety and better working environments
  • Flexible Outdoor and Indoor range allowing for single assets to serve multiple use cases

Mining and Resources

  • Simplify operations and reduce maintenance
  • Increase safety with autonomous fleet
  • Zero underground emission, driving significant health and safety benefits


  • Logistical, tactical and operational assets
  • Resilient class-leading electronic and autonomous solutions
  • Reduce maintenance requirements and field repair complexities and drive a lower TCO


  • Make a positive contribution to the environment by adopting a Zero Emission Transport strategy
  • Drive corporate awareness around conscious Zero decisions
  • Adopt efficient, multi-modal transit models to ensure efficient travel whilst making a positive impact on the environment.